August 24, 2019 - one month away.  Here are the projects we have.

1. Helping senior citizens at Mobile Home Park - 1701 S. Thornburg

We are going to bless the residents of this mobile home park, many of whom are on limited incomes.  Many are unable to do home projects.   We will be painting porch railings, weeding, trimming and ????.  We have received 25 requests for help already.  We will need lots of teams to cover these requests.  So far a group from First Christian Church and a group from South Valley Community Church are on this.  We could use 50-100 people (like teams of 4-5) and we will assign you a home to work on.  Greg Nims from our Leadership Team will have a staging area where the teams can check in and receive materials.  Bring gardening tools and a paintbrush.

2. Paint the U.S. map at Orcutt Academy and do some weeding.

Have you ever painted the U.S. map on one of our schools in the Santa Maria Valley?  No one has requested this project so far.  We have put this large map on over 20 schools so far.  Let me know if you want to do this or if you have a group who wants to do this.  Below is where the map will be placed.  This is a good project for 10-15 people.  Bring old clothes to paint in.  Someone always gets paint on them.

3. Paint the Educational Building at St. Andrew United Methodist Church

The Educational Building at St. Andrew needs attention.  The trim is pealing.  With an aging congregation it is hard to accomplish these kinds of projects.  Do we have any painters who want to help with this project?   We will need to power wash the building the Saturday before.  Serve Santa Maria has a power washer.  Is there anyone who would do this on August 17?  Powerwashing is fun and wet.  Let me know.  We may need to wire brush some of the trim.  And we will need to prime the trim as well.  Plenty to do here.  This project could use a group of 25-40 people.  Wear old clothes, bring a brush and be ready to paint.

4. Clear a backyard and fix a fence & build a gate

Code Compliance tagged this house for some attention.  It's all doable, but needs someone who can build a gate and repair the fence.  Serve Santa Maria will cover the costs of the materials to do the repairs.  We need someone who knows what they are doing and a team to clear the backyard.  We will have a dumpster to put it all in. A team of 10-20 folks would be great.  Bring gloves, metal rakes and shovels.

5. Spread bark at Preisker Park

This is a regular project Serve Santa Maria has done many times.  It is a good one for families.  Kids can rake bark chips out as well as adults.  A large group can also do this well.  You need metal rakes and shovels, gloves and a wheelbarrow would help too.  This project can handle 25-75 people.  

6. Paint a house that needs some love

As you can see, this house needs care.  At our last event someone fixed the fence and gate.  Now we are going for the house.  This family has challenges, and is very worthy of our help.  We will need to power wash this building and it may need wire brushing as well.  Then we will prime it and paint it.  The single mom has picked out new colors.  It will look beautiful when we are finished. Anyone interested in painting this house?  A group?  20-30 people would be good.

7. Clean up front and back yard for a group home for mentally challenged folks

Someone who has a child at this home said the place used to look real nice.  It is very overgrown now.  It needs trimming, raking leaves, weeding and some people with gardening abilities.  A bench also needs to be painted. A group from Grace Baptist has expressed interest in this project.  They are one of the several regular churches who take on a project.

8. Clear a garage that was cited by Code Compliance

I haven't seen this garage yet, but we are trying to connect with the owners. They have  been cited by Code Compliance, and have agreed to have help come in.  These projects typically need 20-30 people.

9. Graffiti Removal

The city has requested some assistance with covering up some graffiti, but I don't have any details at this time.

10. Turn a fountain into a planter at City Hall

The Park & Recreation Department would like to turn a fountain by city hall into a planter.  Evidently there have been problems with it being a fountain. Hopefully a planter will work better and add some natural beauty to the City Hall area.  More details to follow.

11. Clear the Eric Okerblom Trail

I did not know this trail existed until a week ago when I hiked it. It is at the bottom of the Bradley Dip. It is about a mile ling and is in a very beautiful setting.  It was around 10 years ago when Eric Okerblom was killed while riding his bicycle.  This trail honors his memory.  It is overgrown and needs weeds cut back with a bladed weedeater, or shovels.  You can simply cut the weeds and throw them off the trail.  Maybe a blower would be useful as well.  This could take 20 -40 folks.  One group at each end and meet in the middle.

12. Redo landscape a strip at Arrelanes School

Ric Skamfer and his wife lead a Kids Club at Arrelanes after school and saw a planter along a parking lot that was looking pretty bad and asked for help from Serve Santa Maria to improve things.  Ric will be the Project Leader and would love to have a team to help.  We are working with the school (who is thrilled that we are helping) to complete the project.  It is about 100 feet or so long and 4 feet wide.  We will lay chicken wire to keep the gophers out and then put down some landscape cloth and top it off with some park. 10-20 people could do this.

That is what we have for now.  We could use 300-500 people to do all of this.

Is there anyone who does video who could shoot the footage to record what we are doing?  Make a 3-5 minute video of the day?  You can ride along with me as we visit as many of the projects as we can.  It is absolutely amazing what is accomplished by all our volunteers.  Let me know if this is up your alley. 

Come to the Maldonado Youth Center (600 S. McClelland) and register from 8:30-9:00.  Get a donut, some coffee or juice, register for a project, meet others who are serving, and at 9:00 we have a short opening.  We will be giving away Thrivent T-shirts at the end of the opening (Live Generously)..  On your way out pick up some water (courtesy of the local Pepsi Distributors) and a lunch (courtesy of the Salvation Army).  Be safe.  Have fun.  Bless our city,  Bless some folks who need help.  Honor God with your service.  


Our Leadership team is planning another awesome day.  Hope you can participate.  We're blessed to be a blessing.