Join Us on Saturday, April 7, 2018 to volunteer at one of these projects:

BHAG 1 - Tanglewood Neighborhood
Bring mowers, edgers, blowers, brooms, rakes, shovels, and anything related to gardening tools to bless homes in the neighborhood.  We will start with 2 roll-off dumpsters for gardening stuff and any trash or junk that can be thrown away.  No electronic or hazardous waste, though.  There are 400+ homes in the neighborhood.  How many can we bless?  We need lots of people.  Maybe several hundred with lots of teams working together.

BHAG 2 Painting Mexican Baptist Church
1039 W. Barrett
(People needed = 25-35)
We need people who are steady on ladders!  The sanctuary has high walls.  Extension ladders are needed.  The rest of the building is not too high. People can paint down low, but some are needed on the extension ladders.  If you are confident on a ladder, then please come!  Let's see how much can be accomplished in one day.  Can we do it in one day?  It all depends on volunteers!  May God send some courageous volunteers.

House 1 (H-1)
233 W. Monroe St.
(People needed = 20-25)
We've added one additional project.  It's a private residence.  The backyard needs clearing.  A roll-off dumpster will be there.  We need 3-5 people with weedeaters to whack the grass down.  A couple of shovels and a 5-gallon bucket to pick up dog droppings.  Gloves to pick up stuff and throw in the dumpster.  A pick-up truck to haul tires to a tire dealership to go in their dumpster.  We are working on the address of the business.  Weed whack all the weeds in the front sidewalk.    

4 Park Projects

P -1
Senior Center Landscaping
(People needed = 10-15)
Planting in some new areas at the Mussel Senior Center

P - 2
(People needed = 20-25)
Planting across from Battles Elementary School.

P - 3
(People needed = 10-15)
Planting the roundabout in front of Liberty Elementary School.

P - 4
(People needed = 30-40)
Painting a block wall on Carmen Lane by Jimenez School.

2 School Projects

S - 1
Alice Shaw Elementary
(People needed = 25-35)
Painting the U.S. map on upper and lower playgrounds and coloring their playground (hopscotch, foursquare, tetherball).

S -2 
Robert Bruce Elementary School
(People needed = 25-30)
Expanding their garden.

Prayer Team
(All Prayer Warriors)
Prayer warriors lifting up the safety for all volunteers and blessing parks, schools, private citizens, a church, and a BIG NEIGHBORHOOD.