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2022 Leadership Team 

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Pastor Carl Neilsen

Carl served Bethel Lutheran Church since 1997 then retired.  He loves God and wants others to experience the peace that God desires for all people.  Blessed with a wonderful wife, Susan, and two children, 1 grandchild, and good health, he wants to be a blessing to others.  Serve Santa Maria began as an idea after Carl took some high school youth to a national youth event (38,000 kids and chaperones) in New Orleans, and has grown into something much greater than he could have imagined.


Greg Nims

Greg is an Educational Psychologist & Licensed MFT who served in the Santa Maria H.S. Dist. for 40 yrs. prior to his retirement in 2009.  Greg earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Westmont College while completing his graduate work at UCSB & Cal Poly SLO.  Greg & his wife Norene have participated in a number of philanthropic/ faith-base initiatives over the course of their living in the Santa Maria Valley.  Greg was a Leadership Team member for The Feb. 2010 'Santa Maria Valley Future Search Conference' ... And, remains - "Sure in Hope ... And, Certain of that which we cannot see" ~~~

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Glenn Morris

Glenn is the CEO and President of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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Rev. Dr Peter Kang 

Peter is the Rector at St. Peter's Church in Santa Maria.

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Dorothy Mongavero

Dorothy has lived in Santa Maria since 1994 and has been a servant of Crestwood Christian Fellowship church since its inception where she is the Director of Community Outreach. She has been part of this community providing numerous ministries of assistance to the under-resourced individuals and families who are trying to attain better lives.  Being part of Serve Santa Maria brings an excitement and unity with all her Christian partners to show the Valley the "difference we can make together”.

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Terri Zuniga

Terri works for the Santa Barbara County District Attorney as the Victim Witness Supervisor.  She has lived in Santa Maria her entire life, attended local schools, graduated from Santa Maria High School and attended Allan Hancock College.  She and her husband Alex have 7 children, 14 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.  Her passion has been serving her community, organized around issues that affect working families, the poor, and those marginalized by society.  She was elected to the Santa Maria City Council in 2012, is currently a board member of Good Samaritan Services, Santa Maria Valley Youth & Family Center, PLAY, Conflict Solutions Center, Community Action Commission and is a member of First Christian Church.

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Mark Van De Kamp

Mark joined Serve Santa Maria's leadership team so that he could be a part of helping improve Santa Maria’s appearance and quality of life.  He finds fulfillment in coordinating and working side-by-side with volunteers at hands-on civic projects.  Mark is the Public Information Manager in the Santa Maria City Manager’s Office. 


Kim Chudoba 


Edgar Gascon

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