Join the Corps

The Community Volunteer Mentoring Corps,

a Serve Santa Maria sponsored initiative.

Make a difference with your support and encouragement


Why mentoring matters

  1. Provides social, emotional and academic support

  2. Offer guidance so s/he can make informed decisions

  3. Share your experiences in your field of knowledge

  4. Experience the joy of sharing

  5. You may be surprised how you will grow too!


A collaboration of Serve Santa Maria and Allan Hancock College created a mentoring program for a cross section of 10 Hancock students back in the 2015 - 2016 academic year.  It has continued until today but we need more mentors as we start each semester.  WE NEED YOU!


The noble mission of postsecondary education is:

"Translating potential into success."  Casey Bayer


Questions? Email Warren Gabaree at


Below is a picture of the mentors who attended the Master Mentor Training at

Allan Hancock College on Wednesday, September 30, 2015